¡Un plan de acondicionamiento físico apropiado para el hogar que puede ayudarlo a quemar 0.5kg más de grasa!

Editor: 李加贞
tiempo: 2017-05-02

  More and more people are in to fitness nowadays. It not only makes our body stronger, but also releases our pressure from work and life.In terms of exercising place, home is a good option apart from gyms.Here we would like to share a set of appropriate home fitness plan with you.  


  According to your own training intensity level, repeat the  whole excercises 1~5 cycles. The key is to get each movement up to standard even if you do it slowly. Details of the excercises are as follow:

  Excercise 1      Single foot jump - left and right foot each jumps 10~20times.

  Exercise 2   Split squat -  left and right each 10~20 times.


  Exercise 3   Hip lifting supported with arms 10~20 times

  Excercise 4     Bobbi jump  8~15 times

  Exercise 5     lying on your back and cross touch your knee with your elbow  left and right each 10~20 times

  Exercise 6       Lying on your side and making circle movement with your foot  left and right foot each 10~20 times.

 Exercise 7    Dog bird  Left and right each 10~20 times.


  Exercise 8      Lying prostrate and lift your feet and head  10~20 times 


  After anaerobit training, it is suggested that you do 3~5 times 30min aerobic traing each week and keep your hear rate within the target scope each time, thus you could burn extra 90~1500 claories. 

  You need to get your heart rate increased to 75~85% of your maximum each time. Try to change your exercise ways, e.g.:riding bicycles, jogging, brisk walking, jump aerobics, or skiing are all fine.In a word, its better to try some new ways of excercise for aerobic training each time.  

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