Junxia was honored as National Model for Enterprise Culture Construction

tiempo: 2017-03-10

Recently, Junxia received the honor of National League on Enterprise Culture Construction from China Commerce Union and China Consumer Fund. At the meantime, Junxia CEO Mr. Heng Dunjian was also honored as National Excellent Individual for Enterprise Culture Promotion.

This honor was proposed by China Commerce Union and China Consumer Fund, based on the National Standard Commercial brand and Enterprise Culture Construction Guide. The Guide lays down the criteria for commercial brand appraisal and enterprise culture construction, which include the following 5 main aspects, i.e.: capability, quality, reputation, culture and influence, and 17 minor aspects such as social responsibility, commercial credit, spiritual belief, and publication etc.  Junxia excelled with a high comprehensive score and received the honor of National League on Enterprise Culture Construction.

We apreciate that the short development of an enterprise depends on chance, strategy for mid term development, and culture for long term development. Under the leadership of CEO Mr. Heng Dunjian in the past years, Junxia uphold that enterprise culture is the cohesive force, as well as key source of competitiveness. We proactively explore the new ideas, new methods, and new ways to deepen the enterprise culture development and management modernization. Through integration, refining, and innovation of the traditional culture, Junxia has formed its own enterprise culture, which has acted as strong spiritual, intellectual and mental motivation to the consistent growth of Junxia. At the mean time, the group company also uphold our operation philosophy of Sporting for Fun and Intelligent Fitness, and endeavor to provide superior fitness experience to the customers. We explore the excellent culture elements in our enterprise to expand the scope, and make it a highly recognized common value for our staffs. It may also finds an echo among our customers, win their loyalty, as well as promoting the sustainable development of the group company. 

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